uPlexa Adoption Bounty: $1,100 USD in Prizes!

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Today we are launching our adoption campaign, to help further the reach of the uPlexa project and demonstrate our unique blockchain technology. uPlexa, the private, lightweight and decentralized by IoT blockchain, has launched on December 1st, 2018. Our team continues to lead the path of IoT based mining and will be releasing an update, “Steadfast Storm” later this year to implement utility nodes (ie. masternodes), instant transactions, anonymity network/VPN, and UNApps (DApps built on top of our privacy network). If you are unfamiliar with the uPlexa project, you may read more here.

Adoption Bounty Details:

There are up to $1,100 USD in UPX rewards for this current bounty. $600 USD for two eCommerce stores, $250 USD for Twitter & Faeebook likes/shares, and $250 for Telegram/Discord users (drawn at random).

eCommerce Integration ($600 Prize Pool):

To participate, all you need to do is implement uPlexa payments into a working store with products available and tweet your link with the following tags: “@uPlexaCoin #uplexacommerce”

See the following information for setting up payments on your store(s):

Two shops (selected at random) will be awarded with a $300 USD UPX prize.

Twitter/Facebook Bounties ($250 Prize Pool):

Retweet/share and like the two links below to be entered into our prize pool of $250 USD in UPXfor Twitter/Facebook users. Note: You do not have to share/like on both, but you may do so to increase your odds.

Twitter link:


Facebook link:


Discord/Telegram Bounty ($250 Prize Pool):

Join our Discord or Telegram to be entered into a prize pool of $250 USD in UPX:

More about uPlexa:

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