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We are providing you an update today over the daily-limits for the uPlexa bridge. If you were wondering why limits are in place, it’s because this is a brand new technology and we need to keep all transactios safe!

Today the uPlexa bridge ran into a little snag, but nothing major! Here’s what transpired and how we fixed an issue concerning daily total limits for the uPlexa bridge.

uPlexa bridge batches payments into bUPX using the multiMint function which was created to act in congruence with the transfer_split function within uPlexa wallets. Previously, checking whether we were over…

uPlexa brings privacy to both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains with uPlexaBridge. This enables users the ability to create untraceable gaps in DeFi transaction activity.

The uPlexa Bridge is live on the Binance Smart chain!

Trade it on PancakeSwap:


TL;DR — uPlexa is a stand alone, cryptonote based privacy coin that has created a bridge into ETH and BSC ecosystems. This will allow for a quick solution to the problem of chain analysis and wallet tracking on those transparent blackchains. A process called “gapping” will put dead stops in the ability to follow the users balance and any further…

Hey fellas,

As most of you know, we launched our “Steadfast Storm” release at the end of December, 2020 on uPlexa testnet, otherwise known as testnut. Core contributors have continued to work on SS to improve code compatibility and minor bugs.

During this testing period, we have decided to limit the amount of necessary hardforks this year. Instead, we aim to deliver all of our planned updates in one giant release, rather than having a multitude of network upgrades. Steadfast Storm release will now include:

  • Utility nodes & staking via Proof-of-Utility (PoU)
  • PlexaNet Decentralized onion routing VPN
  • Near-instant transactions
  • Minor…

This guide is for setting up and running a Utility node on the uPlexa test network (testnet). The Steadfast Storm release will hit uPlexa Main network after both rigorous community testing and a thorough security audit has been conducted.

The uPlexa project is proud to release, “Steadfast Storm” on the uPlexa testing network (testnet).

Steadfast storm enables Utility nodes (UNs). UNs are like master nodes in the terms of providing proof-of-stake transactional validation. However, UNs are more complex, using PoU (proof-of-utility) in order to provide the backbones infrastructure for our decentralized privacy network (dVPN) known as Plexanet. PlexaNet will release…

This article is based on a case study provided be a community member on behalf of the uPlexa project.

Decentralization is what every cryptocurrency should thrive for. A decentralized service utilizes devices in a manner of which they do not control. However, users may make the mistake of somewhat centralizing a decentralized service, without the knowledge that they are doing so.

Miners typically have the option to join pools, rather than opt to solo mine. There is this assumption often made by novices in the industry, that the pool with the largest amount of hash power will produce the highest…

Whether you are new here, or you are a long-term supporter of the uPlexa project, this massive wall of text should give you a good idea of who we are, where we started, what our initial goals were, what we accomplished, how we pivoted, and what our new goals are.

How uPlexa was conceptualized

Initially, I (QuantumL3aper), was working with some friends who all worked within the Monero community. I come from a background of automation development and eCommerce. I helped create and scale a browser-based miner that webmasters could integrate/embed into their websites to provide another source of monetization. …

We have not been seized. Although there are censorship laws in some countries, and many countries ARE pushing for anti-encryption legislation, none have yet to occur (that we are aware of). On a serious note, if such legislation does occur, we will do our best to fit in with said legislation without jeopardizing user privacy. If there is no way to do so, uPlexa will continue to work on the frontline of user privacy and dismiss laws pertaining to anti-encryption. …

NOTE: This article is in no way saying anything bad about STEX. STEX has always been a very reliable exchange, and we have been more than happy with the STEX experience! The issue is specific to our UPX to BTC ratio on the singular satoshi system (8 decimal points). Please read further for a better understanding.

As many of you may have noticed, especially those who use the Delta portfolio app to track uPlexa, uPlexa has been going through some drastic times when it comes to market movements. Our market movements have been consistently jumping between -33% and +50%. …

If you did not already know, our hardfork regarding our TX Reduction, Block reward halving, and general core updates is scheduled for November 1st, 2019 (block height: 295,550). We strongly recommend updating your wallets for this update, and updates for uPlexa daemons for all pools & merchants are mandatory.

Android wallets do NOT require any updates as they strictly use remote daemons.

ElectraLight Wallet:

Please find the necessary updates for the ElectraLight uPlexa Wallet for Linux, Windows, and Mac here:

Standard uPlexa GUI Wallet:

Please find the necessary updates for the ElectraLight uPlexa Wallet for Linux, Windows, and Mac here:

The uPlexa SteadFast Storm release scheduled for November 1st will have to be delayed. New date: January 1st, 2020. However, there will still be a hardfork on November 1st, please scroll down to read about the next Hardfork. This article also includes some important information regarding the timeline for 2020 near the bottom, including our approach to a quantum resistant blockchain.

Why the delay?

This is our first major delay in the history of uPlexa, and I (QuantumL3aper) take full responsibility for the delay. There is a slew of reasons why I have chosen to delay this update. Firstly, the…


uPlexa: Incentivizing the mass compute power of IoT devices to form a means of anonymous blockchain payments.

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